Field Trials

The Irish Setter Club of Victoria runs a Novice Pointer and Setter Field Trial and an Open Pointer and Setter Field Trial on the Queen’s Birthday in June of each year. A number of other clubs also conduct trials for pointers and setters, both in Victoria and interstate, which makes up a busy calendar from April to July.

Any interested persons are welcome to attend the field trials and walk in the gallery to watch the dogs in action and the judge officiating.
Irish Setters do their breed proud in the trials and have their good share of wins. These setters are bred from generations of field trial working dogs with bloodlines from U.K., Ireland, Scandinavia and Australia.

In field trials judges look for a profile of skills when evaluating a dogs performance; ground coverage, style ,speed, obedience, nose, stamina, biddability, finding and bird handling ability, backing ability, staunchness to name a few.
It is hard fought competition at field trials that keeps gundogs up to the mark and gives field trialling its place in the varied world of field sports.
Field trialling commenced over 140 years ago and has bequeathed the legacy of the marvellous dogs that we still breed and compete with today.

The ‘Irish Mob’ from 2000