Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Irish Setters Smart?

    Irish setters are very intelligent dogs and can easily learn the full range of ‘obedience’ commands. They are energetic and agile dogs which make great companions for both individuals and families.

    2. How big will my puppy grow?

    Irish Setters are large dogs and will reach a height of around 26-27 inches.

    3. Do I need a lot of room for my puppy?

    Irish Setters are happiest if they have room to run. However, many people are able to keep their dog(s) happy in small houses by making sure that they exercise them twice a day.

    4. What sort of temperament do Irish Setters have? Are they good with children?

    Irish Setters have a gentle, fun-loving nature. They are good with other dogs and are exceptionally good with children. Of course, as with all dogs, they should never be left alone with children.

    5. Do Irish Setters like water?

    Irish Setters are gun dogs bred for hunting. All gun dogs love water and the Irish Setter is no exception.

    6. Do Irish Setters bark?

    Like most dogs, Irish Setters will generally bark if they detect disturbance in their environment. Their friendly nature however, means that they may not be good watchdogs.

    7. What about health? Do Irish Setters suffer from inherited problems?

    Irish Setters are generally very healthy dogs. See the health pages on this site. Responsible breeders will have their breeding stock screened.
    Irish Setters can be expected to live into their teens.