About The Club

The Irish Setter Club of Victoria held its inaugural meeting on the 18th July, 1960. A total of 19 people attended. Today the Club has the largest membership of any of the Australian Irish Setter breed clubs.

The Club conducts various events throughout the year including a Championship Show, a Open Show and many more, more

The Irish Setter Club of Victoria fully supports responsible breeding practices and encourages all members to score their hip dysplasia. Prior to the club accepting any litter notice for publishing or giving any referrals for a litter, both the sire and dam of the litter must hip and elbow scored, PRA-rcd 1, PRA-rcd 4 and CLAD DNA test results submitted.

Annual Fees
Single: $35.00
Dual/Family: $40.00
Junior: $15.00*
Social: $15.00

*Any person under the age of sixteen years of age may be a Junior Member of the Club

If you want to join the Club or require more information about the breed please use the contact form below