ISCV Updated AGM and SGM Agendas

Good afternoon everyone,

Here is the updated agendas for our AGM and SGM, our club secretary Rhonda Fisher has also emailed the members these updates as well.

If you haven’t gotten an email with the updated agendas and you think you should gotten one please make contact with Rhonda ASAP and she will update your details on our member registry

ISCV AGM and SGM Agendas

Good morning everyone,

We are pleased to share with the membership this year’s AGM and SGM Agendas.

This year due to COVID-19 Pandemic we are unable to hold our AGM and SGM in person. So, this year we will hold our AGM and SGM through the online conferencing platform ZOOM.

Here is the link to ZOOM and a how to guide from ZOOM, it can be used on your tablet, computer/laptop and smartphone as well you can dial in from your home phone

ZOOM link

Windows and Mac computer guides

Smartphone and tablet guides

Dial in guide

Please find attached PDF versions of the agenda

Also is attached a downloadable form for this year nominations for the ISCV Committee of Management 2020/21